Sunday, January 31, 2010


One of my hubby's favorite : Fatt Choy Hon Bou Bao!!! ordered DOUBLE somemore......

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lunch of the day

1st time fried rice with brown rice.

Shrimp Wonton bought from Tesco. Not bad. Buy 1 pack with 12 pieces will be more cheaper.

This is what i cooked. I know the colour looks bad. ;p

Friday, January 29, 2010

Demax Restaurant, D'Piazza

Waited for Ben and CL for so long...and finally we reached D'Piazza. Jacky drove round and round for us to choose the restaurant. We decided to fo D'Food, so bad they were full. So, we went to Demax, next to it.
While waiting, SH lend his lemon tea for me.

I ordered sweet and sour fish, it was really sweet like candy. (-_-!!!)

One day in Queensbay

Last time was a bad experience in Azuma due to the waitress were so hard working helping us clean our table every seconds. Luckily it doesn't happen this time. We enjoyed our dinber there.
Panaroma view

Fried maki

Soft shell crab

Hubby's Gyu Don
While hubby was away, I went into a new outlet in Queensbay, Material. I like the stuff inside, the simple interior with white and green. Eco-desu ne.... Hubby bought me a kawaii key chain. Storewide 10% discount, if i'm not mistaken. ;p
Infront of the shop. We loved it.

Happy rabbit in a bag.

The car washer helped us to display my Mini nicely. ;p

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Xuan Shen in Gurney, here we come again for the duck!

okok..normal minced beef fried rice..
Ta Lang! Our favorite duck!

Stirfried vege

With the watermelon juice(Too sweet!!)

Jagung satu! ;p

Recomended by friend. Finally met the stall...haha...bought 1 for RM1.50. yummy yummy sweet corn...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Little Castle

Chicken Gordon Bleu
Tomyam Mee(Miho:Like!)

Potato Salad

Mushroom soup

Monday, January 25, 2010

Lai Lai Lai....Lai Restaurant in Batu Maung

Trafic Jam jam jam... Decided go to Batu Maung for our dinner. We went to Lai, the restaurant serve economic rice, "Zhu Cha".... you can order chicken rice in the afternoon.
Mix Vege
Herb Chicken...Today special woh...

Pork Chop Rice

Singapore Beehun(Why it called Singapaore Beehun???)
Nice dinner with the cheap price....Will come back again, if traffic jam again...haha

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vino's Pasta in Sunshine Square

We woke up at 1.30pm... after our fruit salad breakfast...we cleaned up our rooms.. preparation for CNY!! ;p. It was 3pm when we head out for our lunch. Since we are going Sunshine for CNY shopping, we had our lunch in the food court. A new stall, Vino's Pasta. Overall not bad. Maybe will visit again if we are going to sunshine again.
Galic bread
Mushroom Soup (RM3.00 together with the bread)

Special Soup Pasta(Pumkin, sweet potato, chicken and vege) RM6.80.
You can have the soup without pasta.

Daorae is the best!!

We love Daorae..we love Daorae..we love DAORAE!!!!!!

Other branches...

Other branches

Lovely side dishes...we requested for refill Kimuchi..;p

Blur blur the beef rib in miso soup...Mashisossoyo!!! If you are a beef lover, you will like this...The taste of the miso soup blended well with the beef taste... The meat was so tender...yummy yummy...
Our all time favorite Spicy beef stew..Mashisossoyo!!!

On-the-house steamed eggs.. It was so nice they served free foods for customers.

Not only 1, but 2. On-the-house korean pancake

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bai Xiang Ting, Krystal Point

Tasteless Milo and milk tea
Pipa Duck (Better than ZhuyokWeng in Perkaka, but Shuan Shen in Gurney is better)

2-combination of pork (Fat... sad...)

Sweet and sour soup

Thai sauce chicken (RM10.00). Since thickness for the flour is equal to the chicken, i assume the flour they get is very expensive. We ordered a stir fry vege but they mess up our order with other tables. After they found out, they apologized. But after we finished all our meals, the vege was still lay in the basket I think. So, the service is "thumbs down".

Friday, January 22, 2010

Siam Express, Queensbay Mall

If blogspot have a "Like" button as Facebook do, it will be nice. My comment : "Like" ... ;p Spring roll

Green curry chicken

Seafood Tomyam

Belacan Kangkong

Waterchestnut in coconut milk