Monday, June 29, 2009

Yi Garden Kopitiam - Lorong Selamat

Saw the comments on the Food Guide, decided went for a try.
Sa Hor Fun - Fresh fish meat & prawns

Wantan Mee - With special sauce, not like ordinary wantan mee sauce.
Many variety of wantan/dumpling to choose, prawn..pork..

Venison noodle - the meat is soft and smooth, the soup smelled nice and tasted good.

The wantan mee stall

The venison noodle stall

The Seriousness- One Month!

Went to settle the documents at the workshop. Found out that we need to wait one month for our Silvy to be done......sigh....

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Korean BBQ Chicken - Gurney Plaza

After Silvy was sent to the workshop, we decided to continue our journey to Gurney plaza. THe 1st thing, fill our stomach 1st!! Since Silvy is broke, we are not sure whether our wallet will be broke or not, we chose a mediem cost restaurant...BBQ Chicken.
Miho had tried the food from BBQ Chicken in Petaling Jaya several times. This is the 1st visit to the GUrney brance. The menu is a little bit different. SOme of the food is not served in Gurney.
Mushroom Soup

Jerk, yes, i'm not scolding you, it is called Jerk.

Tasty fried chicken with olive oil, healthy and yummy.

Poor Silvy in the Accident

It supposed to be a happy shopping day. We decided to go to Gurney Plaza for her dress.
We took the route from Greenlane, passing Jalan Masjid Negeri to Gurney.
Unfortunately, we did not manage to reach there on schedule.
Our Silvy(the name of our Myvi) was kissed by a Sonata on her ass.

The story line:
Second traffic light give a green to go.
The toyota corolla in front braked suddenly.
Alex : Hey, the car brakes so sudden.
Silvy manage to brake too. Still have 2 feet infront.
Then, is just like an earth quake... we got hit and we hit the corolla.
Miho started to get nervous and was having difficulty to breath.
The next thing she knew was, 3 cars park beside the road.

The truth:
Corolla braked due to the car infront braked.
Silvy braked due to the corolla braked.
Earth quake, due to the Sonata behind didn't brake...............causing Silvy to break......

The End:
Sonata's radiator tank leaked...
Silvy lost her front and back...
Corolla minor injury on the lights...

The Sonata

Front of Silvy... Majorly dented

Back of Silvy... Major major major majorly dented

The final shot with Silvy before she went for transformation,with Bumble bee outside the police station.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Taiwan Bull Promotion - QB

Attracted to the promotion. 2nd item discount 50%. Nice!
Beef noodle, yummy yummy!

Seafood kimuchi noodle

Varieties of Nasi Lemak - Batu Uban

Suddenly think of having nasi lemak, bought a lot from the stall downstairs. A- ayam, T-telur, U-udang, UT-udang telur, I-ikan bilis, ST-sotong
5 different types of RM1 per packet nasi lemak

UT- Udang Telur

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tao E-Gate

Our previous visit was to Tao, Juru Autocity. Tonight it's Tao E-Gate. Mainly because we received a good news in afternoon regarding our "place".
Tao is located at the E-Gate complex and opposite Tesco. To those who has never been to Tao, it's a Japanese Fusion restaurant offering both buffet and ala carte style dining. It's not a buffet spread but order-what-you-want buffet. The appertizers were quite tasty and special. But the main course tasted quite typical. Anyway, filled our stomach quite well and we continued our journey to town.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

PHOP - Paddington House of Pancakes, QB

Dinner at QB before our "Transformer : The Revenge of the Fallen" premier.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Breakfast at Bali-Bali

Bali-bali is a foodcourt located near the USM Sg. Dua entrance. Usually visited by the USM students due to its 24hour and free Wi-Fi service. It's a nice place with a few very large LCD tv showing Astro programmes. There'll be lots of food stall to choose ranging from dim sum in the morning to nasi kandar or grilled seafood at night. The roasted chicken rice stall serves delicious chicken rice for a very affordable price. We ordered 2 sets : 1st drumstick + char siew & 2nd chicken breast. Only for Rm7.60. With two bowls of spicy soup. Cheap?
"Cam Ping"

Chicken rice

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tsuruya Japanese Restaurant

Decided to treat Miho for a nice dinner after she worked so hard. And we went to this japanese restaurant called Tsuruya at BJ. The food & environment are nice and we had a nice dinner afterall. Some photos r a bit blur due to wrong ISO setting by Alex. hehe...


Interesting pottery used by Tsuruya.

Real charm from a temple in Japan. Brought from Japan by Alex's sis.