Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Thinker Girl

The Thinker Girl

Or looks more like a watch advertisment?

Home Cooked Meals

Our Kiwi Cheese Biscuit Special! with Aloe Vera Apple juice.

Eggs, vege, sausages & mee for dinner

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Meals of the Day

Grand grand big big sales in Sunshine. We cannot miss the chance to grab cheap groceries.

With the empty stomach...bought our instant noodles, vegetables, some double deckers and twisties, soap...bla bla bla...

After the shopping session, we had our lunch in Dragon Y, which is having a promotion on set meals and 20% discount on ala-carte.

Cute mascot of the restaurant

Spicy mee suah with abalone mushroom

Herbal Soup with drumstick.

The whole meal cost:

Spicy mee suah with abalone mushroom + honey ginseng + dessert = RM 10.90
Herbal soup with drumstick + hot soya + rice + dessert = RM 9.90

P/S: no 20% discount on the set meals.
The hardworking husband went out to give tuition then.
It is time for Miho to conquer the kitchen. He he he....

Nasi Goreng Kampung with ladies fingers, peas, carrots and eggs.

And Miho's favorite...."Ta lang!!!" - - the Marigold peel fresh apple + aloe juice!!
(got it at a super offer price from Sunshine)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Sa-ka-e Sushi

Salmon maki, tempura maki and forgot what maki

Soft sheel crab in crepe

Salmon Nigri

Potato Salad

Our favorite snack, Edamame

Beef Hot Pot, with Hot Pot

The flame...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lazy to cook this week

Lazy to cook dinner...

Monday : Went to Perkaka 

Char Hoh Fun

Sambal Fried Rice

Tuesday : Went to Bali-bali, had porridge, due to toothache, cannot chew....

Thursday : On the day Miho MC and sit at home, 28 May 2009

Marmite Chicken with Bun

Fu Yong Dan

Fried Choy Tam

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Home Cooked Breakfast & Dinner

Miho's Special Tuna Cheese Biscuit

Miho's All time favourite : Mushroom Soup with Potatoes

Our Dinner : All in One Soup....

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wansien's birthday celebration

Birthday gift to Wansien
A cute lil' calf with shinning sunny outfit

Smoky Jack in Upper Penang Road

While waiting for our table with our bday girl...

The menu

The birthday gal with the Chocolate Moouse

Illusion?? Nope, is the glass

Sweet butter, garlic butter and spinach butter, with buns.
Thanks to Sean/Shawn for the naration.

Pan Grilled Pork Tenderloin

Fettucini with Salmon and sauce

The bar
Comment by Katak: Chicago is better
Comment by Miho: Unless special occasion, if not, erm, no reason for me to visit again.
Below was the conversation between us and the chubby waitress.
Waitress: How was the food?
Alex: The salmon seems not fresh enough.
Waitress: The smell is considered normal for salmon. To cover the smell, probably only curry will do. But curry is not match with salmon.
Alex and Miho: (Sweating.... No mood to continue the conversation, who says salmon smells like that normally?)
Sean: Not enough sauces for the BBQ pork rib.
Waitress: Oh! You can always request for it. We had customers complain on too much sauce
Waitress: May i clean up the table?
(Sean was cutting his potato.)
Sean: Let me finish my potato, alright.
Waitress: Oh, you need more sour cream on the potato. Don't finish it yet ya, let me bring some cream for you.
(Sean put down his cutlery and waited, as we all were laughing at him.)
When the waitress came back, she helps Sean to cut the potato and spread the whipped cream on the potato.
Waitress: You must finish the potato ya, i will only serve the Chocolate moouse after you finish the potato alright. hehe...
The most "pening" sentence of the day:
The potato is hard and tasteless without the sour cream!
(Miho: Then you shall not serve such hard potatoes and serve more sour cream for us as you already know the weakness of your dishes!)
Sweat.... *_*!!!

Breakfast in Jerejak

Curry mee = RM2.80
Alex's Favorite

Wantan Mee = RM2.50
Miho's favorite...nice and tasty

Chee Cheong Fun = RM1.60

Better then the CCF in KL/PJ !

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ocean Treasures, Islander

THE iSLANDER, Traders Hotel, Penang

The entrance

Today's menu
One of the main reason we chose here is becos of the 30% discount for Citibank cardholders.

Spot the cute hungry girl....

Beef stew, chicken salad, pasta salad, & potato salad.


Nigiri + temaki

Curry Salmon Fish Head

Oat prawn and steamed fish

Curry squid, TomYam seafood bihun, steamed fish

Teppanyaki chicken, beef, Grill Garoupa,beef lasagna, clam

Repeated "order" of chicken and clam, plus the asian peanut sauce lamb

The main attraction of the day, juicy slipper lobster , we had 6 of it...yummy

Fresh salad by miho

"Art" from Chocolate Fondue

The dessert

More more more dessert... total of 10 pieces that we took...wahahaha