Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Merdeka Day Shopping, Material Sales!

Soy Milk with pearl jelly + Soy ice cream

Material Store Wide 15%

Bought Deco, clock, mouse pad...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It has been a year, we visit to Pasar Malam

A little girl approached us to buy her mummy's cook...shark fin soup
Still measuring the space in my stomach (Allocated for ice kacang and laksa), the little girl said...
"Don't be so stingy la! Buy 1 from me la! I'm so tired..."
Hubby and I sweating...
Hubby: 3 ringgit ah...you give us more discount la!
Girl : Cannot, i'm very tired la...
Miho ...sweat....
Ok, fine, we bought from the girl in the end...
The shark fin soup

Plain plain tasteless ice kacang

Plain plain laksa (Hubby said is ok, just to taste, not so spicy, not so sour..)

The aunty who sell the laksa...you can see her in Sungai Dua Night Market too

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tsurukame, Shabu Shabu

Sushi from the sushi bar

Fried Rice with shrimp

Appetizer...sour sour spicy spicy...

Dumpling and Fish

The soup

Saturday, August 14, 2010

1 day in Queensbay... (T-Bowl, Material, Kim Garry, SnJ...)

Dining in the toilet...T-bowl

A lot of toilet bowl...

Baked Rice

Steamed Soup

Shit Sausages

Mango Sago

Rubbish Sorting Dustbin by Material type from Material

Waffle Coaster from SnJ

Friday, August 13, 2010

After a tiring week + continue the sweetly anniversary celebration >>> TAO

Here we are, with 2 RM5 cash voucher, start the All-you-can-eat dinner at E-gate. :P

Miho's favorite Shashimi Moraiwase

Wasabi, nice to see but not nice to eat..haha..Miho don't like WASABI...

Maguro hide under the vege...

Our all time favorite!

It is not wasabi, it is honeydew! :)

Finished 2 cookies and cream, 1 peppermint chocolate chip

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our 1st Anniversary

Hubby gave me this beautiful bouquet. He sent to my office...
But i don't dare to put on my desk... :P

Dinner at 32 Mansion... Where he proposed...

My hubby

Starter : Sea scallop (With onion and sour cream)

Soup : Wild mushroom

Very garlic "de" garlic bread

Lamb with potato

Beef tenderloin

Steamed Vegetables

The dessert and my present

Dessert time in Haagen Dazs

My present to hubby : A set of poker with 52 different images on it.
Hubby's : my favorite pre-wedding photo in puzzle... :P