Friday, May 22, 2009

Ocean Treasures, Islander

THE iSLANDER, Traders Hotel, Penang

The entrance

Today's menu
One of the main reason we chose here is becos of the 30% discount for Citibank cardholders.

Spot the cute hungry girl....

Beef stew, chicken salad, pasta salad, & potato salad.


Nigiri + temaki

Curry Salmon Fish Head

Oat prawn and steamed fish

Curry squid, TomYam seafood bihun, steamed fish

Teppanyaki chicken, beef, Grill Garoupa,beef lasagna, clam

Repeated "order" of chicken and clam, plus the asian peanut sauce lamb

The main attraction of the day, juicy slipper lobster , we had 6 of it...yummy

Fresh salad by miho

"Art" from Chocolate Fondue

The dessert

More more more dessert... total of 10 pieces that we took...wahahaha

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