Sunday, June 28, 2009

Poor Silvy in the Accident

It supposed to be a happy shopping day. We decided to go to Gurney Plaza for her dress.
We took the route from Greenlane, passing Jalan Masjid Negeri to Gurney.
Unfortunately, we did not manage to reach there on schedule.
Our Silvy(the name of our Myvi) was kissed by a Sonata on her ass.

The story line:
Second traffic light give a green to go.
The toyota corolla in front braked suddenly.
Alex : Hey, the car brakes so sudden.
Silvy manage to brake too. Still have 2 feet infront.
Then, is just like an earth quake... we got hit and we hit the corolla.
Miho started to get nervous and was having difficulty to breath.
The next thing she knew was, 3 cars park beside the road.

The truth:
Corolla braked due to the car infront braked.
Silvy braked due to the corolla braked.
Earth quake, due to the Sonata behind didn't brake...............causing Silvy to break......

The End:
Sonata's radiator tank leaked...
Silvy lost her front and back...
Corolla minor injury on the lights...

The Sonata

Front of Silvy... Majorly dented

Back of Silvy... Major major major majorly dented

The final shot with Silvy before she went for transformation,with Bumble bee outside the police station.

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  1. lu punya maiwee masih bleh pandu punya mar, wat aper mau kete tarik??