Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Celebration Day 2 : Time Square + IKEA

SweetChat dessert bar

Durian Pancake & Lime Swiss

Before we start the shopping trip

BAR-B-Q Plaza!!! I had dreamed to eat this for years...

The UFO plate... :P

Deluxe Set

Kindori Fresh Fruit Ice-cream

Pinky ice cream and pinky hubby

IKANO power center jam jam car park...

Cucumber sushi

Miso soup (With chinese tau fu pok inside, haha)


Salmon Bento


  1. Is the kindori ice-cream nice?

  2. Did you get a pack of monthly coupons from SweetChat?

  3. What I mean is did SweetChat give you a pack of monthly coupons foc? I went there on 29 Dec 2010 and they gave us a pack of monthly coupons foc.

    The BBQ meat nice or not?

  4. kindori ice-cream was nice...not sweet at all...haha

    Sweetchat didn't gaive us any coupon vouchers... u've been there?

  5. bbq meat sure nice la....miho's all-time favourite! haha...

  6. I've only been to Sweet Chat once - on 29 Dec 2010 - and was given a pack of monthly coupons for 2011.