Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hong Kong & Macau Trip - Day 8

 Breakfast in 7-11.. :P


 There are many many EU police car in side... hehe..

 One DimSum

 Cakes, dessert, etc...yummy yummy.

 Honeymoon again.. The mango Tau Fu Fa was disappointing. 



 Yogurt and Gong Tea


 Spent 4 hours for these...

 Ladies street

 Chan Kei 

 Goose & char siew + Vege + Chicken & siew yok

 Rabeanco from Seibu & luggage bag from ladies street

 Shopping in Wellcome supermarket for cup mee and souvenirs.. :P

 Giant Pocky, as big as my hubby's face.

HKD50 for Gui Ling Gao, but tasty and refreshing! 

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