Friday, June 8, 2012

Hatyai Trip Day 1

 Super nice driver 
 Ready to go to the border
 VL Hatyai Hotel
  VL Hatyai Hotel
 1st meal.. mini tiny dimsum... luckily ordered the porridge..
Else hunger to death.. haha
 Lee Garden, bombed few months ago.

 Yummy dishes in Kam Eng
 The pineapple fried rice is so tasty! 
 Going to market happily.. 
My head is bigger because i was the nearest to the camera!!!! (-_-!!)
 Floating market
  Floating market
 Dinner in Black Canyon Coffee, Tesco Lotus.
Others shop in Tesco as if the instant noodle and Lays are free. :P
Supper... bird nest.
The hawker tried to "chop" us.
Written 100Baht for birdnest, 50Baht for ginko.
But she want 200 Baht, saying she added a lot of birdnest for us.
In the end, 7 of us paid 150Baht and left. 

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