Wednesday, October 10, 2012

DAY 1 in KL (Lot 10, Pavilion, Timesquare)

 Lot 10, 十月胡同
 I ordered from this stall.. nice..
 Hubby ate KL style chee cheong fun, I ate Pork Rib mee, and vege popiah.
 Cute fruit bun in Ginza Cafe, Pavilion
 Yummy creme brulee and blue berry cheese cake
 This is special.. very berries cake..
Because so many berried on top.. :P
 My green tea latte
 Sis yogurt
 Hubby is so cute!
Bought Illy coffee and walk to Timesquare..
 Had this on our way.. Buy one get one free
Is very very refreshing with true fruit cubes..
Thumbs up!
Rest our legs after shop shop shop in Time Square

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