Thursday, April 28, 2011

Taiwan Trip Day 1 in Tai Zhung

Itinerary :
-Fly to Taoyuen Airport from KLIA
-Took THSR to Tai Zhung
- Uncle picked us up at THSR station, dropped us at Feng Jia
-Check in and rest
- Walk around Feng Jia shopping area and night market... shop shop eat eat !

Ready to go!!


My meals .. waked me up for food even i don't feel hungry at all... cis...

Arrived in Taiwan ~ 2pm.

Cheap cheap "Big Mac" for hubby from 7-11.

Tickets for Taiwan High Speed Rail

The bullets flying ..captured by DSLR anyway... haha

Inside HSR ... comfortable, ample space for your luggage under your feet

Check in our suite... 2 rooms + bathroom + living room + kitchen...
Cheap and nice... Walking distance to Feng Jia Night Market
For more details, visit

1st thing we had ... dumpling ...RM0.20 each...TOOO CHEAP!!!

Koroke (croquette)...yummy...

The shopping area..

Just beside the university, that's why you'll see a lot of "mei mei"...

Crowded, even though on weekdays

Smelly tofu (Black and white), they like to serve with kimchi...

Tako tao + Lu Wei (Braised food)

Cream puffs ...

Yummy dumpling in beef soup and spicy soup

The dumpling

Glass jelly tofu hua, Oyster Me Sua,
Fried Chicken Chop, Glutinous rice with sausage,
Fried korean rice cake, ice cream puff.

They supplied drinks for us in our sweet....
That's what we want after shop shop n eat eat....