Friday, April 29, 2011

Taiwan Trip Day 2 in Tai Zhung

Itinerary :
- Uncle picked us up to Tai Zhung market for breakfast
- Visited Glass Gallery, where i bought some souvenir and my necklaces
- Went to Lu Gang, for pastry and oyster meals!
- Rest at Grandma's home...fruit session...
- Had our dinner and shopping in Shin Kong Mitsukoshi

Me and hubby sit on the 3rd row.

In Tai Zhung Market, Yan Ji

Juicy Bao and Wantan

In photo : Granma, mom, aunt-in-law, me, eldest aunt, bro, & uncle.

Glutinous rice cake & sausages...

In the market...

Found "Tian Tian Man Tou", with red bean paste...yummy...

Baked sweet potatoes...

Very old style petrol station

Too bad the weather was hazzy, else we can see a lot of windmills...

Arrived at the Glass Gallery

Fruits that cannot be put in your mouth!

The uncle looks like Colonel Sanders ..

Glass wall, glass glass glass...

You need to wear glove and slippers...
No entrance fee but need to purchase the slippers.

In the golden tunnel..

Glass temple

Pork Jerky, uncle bought for us as snack on the way to Lu Gang...
Yoke Zhen Zai, traditional chinese pastry.

So beautiful, the yam cake...

Drooling.....Of course we bought some of it... :)

Tian Hou Temple in Lu Gang... (Our ROM was at Tian Hou Temple in PJ...haha)

Oyster meal in Lu Gang!

The most delicious fried oyster, they called "ooaa dia" how to write it ... :P

Fried oyster with egg, deep fried oyster with salt and pepper, & oyster soup

Biscuits in cow's tongue shape... :P

Grandma reserve the fruit for us - "Pi Pa"
I think each of us ate more than 10 ...

Had our dinner with all relatives in Tai Zhung in Shanghai Dumpling House.

Steamed dumpling, Onion cake, Dong Po Rou (Braised pork in Bun)

Tai Zhung Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Directory ... haha...


  1. No photos of the glass necklaces?

  2. My face looks pail...didn post it... :P