Saturday, May 7, 2011

Taiwan Trip Day 10 : 101 mall, Wu Fen Pu

- Guang Hwa IT Mall
- 101 Mall
- Wu Fen Pu shopping
- Ma La steamboat

Mascot at the front door of Guang Hwa

Over over..koko receive? over over... haha
We brought walkie talkie to Taiwan...

teppanyaki beef rice

Pork chop rice..

Braised meat bee hoon set meal

Steam soup set meal

Buying tickets

Our tickets

The view..

The damper..

Snack to recharge energy before start the shopping...

Shop shop
Top buffet steamboat in Taipei...

We didn order spicy soup...just clear soup ...

Wow !

Meat meat meat meat...all kind of fresh cut meat...

Dessert, tea, drinks, beers...all you can drink...

Haagen Dazs, Movenpick ice cream


  1. Yum, yum movenpick ice cream!

  2. very very yum yum ice-cream n black Angus beef...yum yum...