Friday, May 6, 2011

Taiwan Trip Day 9 in Taipei : Dan Shui, Zhong Xiao

- Guan Du temple
- Dan Shui old street, heritage
- Fisherman whart, lover bridge
- Gu Ting TGI
- Zhong Xiao

Bro rent a bic ...ride from Guan Du to Dan Shui

Guan Du temple

A lots of pigeons

Guan Du bridge...

Bought sushi at MRT station... hungry....

Dan Shui MRT station
Favorite Starbucks

Waiting for our drinks

Where we start to eat !!

Fried durian..


Tea time!

Agei...tofu skin with glass noodle and meat

Little white house..

We saw more than 8 couples ... nice place for bridal photos...

Dr Mackay residential


Path in red castle

Inside red castle

At the fisherman wharf

Lover bridge

Pigeon everywhere

Ah Ma's plum juice and ice cream

Dinner in TGI Gu Ting...

Yummy soup, salad, chickens and pork rib

Sogo... for the Chimei pineapple tart

Came out from MRT to Breeze Shopping Mall

Breeze was close
Bought from Sogo...


  1. Did you buy and eat the fried durian?

  2. Yup, i think we did....later check with Miho....haha