Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hong Kong & Macau Trip - Day 3

 Famous for the eggtart and chicken pie.
But as you can see, it is not tasty. 
The custard detached from the skin, too dry. 

 Is it the fresh bread and pastry for display only? 

On the way to MTR, just like what we seen in drama.. haha..

 Head to CausewayBay

 Books said Jardine's Crescent is for clothes and accesories. 
Ended up is a market for  foreign workers... 
I wonder how many percent should I trust on the travel books. 

 Bought the egg tart... yummy...

 In Sogo Club... luxury...

 Pass by only..

 何洪记 Ho Hung Kee, yummy! Thanks to Shiryee for the treat! :P

 Wan Tan, Fried Beef Noodle, Vege
 CharSiew Mee, Zha Jiang Mee

 The menu...

 We took the tram to North point..

 Snack before go to Shiryee's Place

 Hiu Lau Shan, on the way to AutoArt Wanchai.

 Hubby;s hobby

 Not in my plan, turn out the best goose we had in HK.

 Bars in Wanchai, but... it is not just bars.. 

 End up go to Lan Kwai Fong. No place to sit in any of the bar.

 Honeymoon dessert, yummy! 

Snap photo on the tickets before we use it... :P

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