Monday, April 30, 2012

Hong Kong & Macau Trip - Day 5

Visited 再兴 Zoi Heng twice, it was closed. 
Finally open in the morning we about to leave Wanchai. 
But maybe we put too high expectation.. mostly is bones..

On our way to Macau

 Our hotel, Sofitel Ponte 16

 MJ Gallery in Sofitel 

 Hotel View

 Early dinner in 100years Portuguese Restaurant, 佛笑楼。

 Ordered all signature dishes, yummy and full! 

 Regconize this street and hotel? In movie Isabelle

 Finally had my Yee Shun steamed milk after so many days in HK

 Macau site seeing

 Macau site seeing

 Love lane

 Grand Lisboa

 Too tired to walk.. watch TV and had dinner in our room. 


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