Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hong Kong & Macau Trip - Day 4

 Going to Sheung Wan and Central

 Western market

 The Tram.. "Ding Ding"..

Planned to have breakfast in Lan Fong Yun in Gage Street, it was closed.

 Ended up had our brunch in Loh Fu Kei

Beef noodle and Wan Tan Mee..

 In Sheung Wan and Central. 
Pottinger Street on the bottom left corner, granite stone steps.  

 The longest escalator to Mid Level.. 

 Shoppping street, for souvenirs

 Old HK police station in Central

 Pass by Yung Kee, but we just can't eat the oily roasted food already. 

 Building in Central..

 Branded shops in Central..

Affordable brand..

 Duddell street aka oil lamp street.. my favorite is here > STARBUCKS! 

 Char Chan Teng Style Starbucks.
The swiss roll and Polo Bun is the best ever ever ever!!! 

 The peak tram, at the station and inside the tram

 This is what happen if you don't buy ticket in advance... 
Long Queue!

 The Peak

 Yummy beef noodle in Pho Yummee!

 Madam Tussauds 

 Madam Tussauds 

Last dinner in Wanchai, 广东烧味。
The Singapore Fried Beehun is actually mee stir with a lot a lot of tumeric power... 

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